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Brendan Cassidy
Written by Brendan Cassidy

Creating a Profile on MADSTUDIOS

Your profile is how you present yourself to the MADSTUDIOS community.

You are encouraged to present yourself in a friendly & professional manner. Profile photos give renters confidence in knowing whom they are booking from. Profile photos should not contain logos.

You are required to use your real first and last name for verification purposes. The first initial of your last name will be only visible to the public on the MADSTUDIOS platform.

Please make sure you use an accurate, up-to-date phone number for your profile. Your phone number will only be shared when you complete a booking.

You will need to create an account to Rent or List on MADSTUDIOS.

To create an account:

  1. From the MADSTUDIOS homepage, click Sign Up.
  2. Enter your email address, first and last name. Note: You can also join with Facebook and Google Connect. Your email cannot be changed once you've activated your account.
  3. Choose a password and click Sign Up
  4. You are now a registered user on MADSTUDIOS. An email will be sent to you so you can activate your account. Note: This activation link in the email will be valid for 30 days.
  5. Within the email you receive from MADSTUDIOS, click Confirm My Account.

If you need to change your email, please contact with the request. Make sure you include the current email address being used, and the new email you would like it switched to.

To edit your profile photo, update your phone number & add a description about yourself, go to