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Brendan Cassidy
Written by Brendan Cassidy

Creating Your Listing on Madstudios

It’s completely free to list your space on MADSTUDIOS.

Creating your listing is an opportunity to show off your space and provide renters with all the information they need to help them decide if they want to book with you. Click the ‘List your studio’ tab in the menu bar to list a space. Select new studio to create a new listing. From here, you can enter the details of your space. Changes can be made to your listing at any time. Your listing won't go live until you're ready to activate your listing. 

  1. Titles- should be specific and descriptive. Make sure there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. 
  2. Descriptions- should be detailed but not fluffy. Don’t exaggerate or minimize features and qualities of your space. For Example: If you are listing a recording studio you should include Equipment descriptions such as microphones, outboard gear, monitors, consoles & controllers, etc.
  3. Do’s and Don’ts- are the guidelines and rules you create for your users to understand what can be expected of them before a booking. Do they have to arrive early? Is smoking allowed in the recording booth? Are pets allowed in the space? Make sure these are clear and easily attainable.
  4. Photos- are the best way to advertise your space. The more photos the better! Photos should convey to a prospective booking artist the true representation of your space. That’s why Madstudios lets you upload up to 24 photographs of your space.
  5. Profile- Upload a picture of you! (headshots work best). Fill out a detailed profile of yourself; tell something interesting about yourself so that users learn more about you.
  6. Price Setting- We recommend that you compare your listings to other listings in your same market to get an accurate pricing analysis. See what pricing gets you the most traffic. Remember, every industry has high and low seasons.

For a complete guide and listing steps click here. If you are listing for the first time, go to If you are an existing user, just go to ‘Manage Studios’.