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Brendan Cassidy
Written by Brendan Cassidy

How to Book

Learn how to book a space

Booking Request:

You can send a Location Manager a booking request by clicking Book Now on the studio’s description page. The Location Manager has 24 hours to respond to your request. The booking will automatically expire after the 24-hour period has ended if there is no response. Remember to fully complete your profile before contacting a Location Manager.

Contact (Optional):

MADSTUDIOS allows you to direct message any of our Location Managers by simply selecting the Contact tab under the studio’s description page. You can ask questions regarding availability, equipment, special rates and prices etc. Your privacy is important to us. For security purposes, personal contact information is kept private until after your booking is confirmed. The Location Manager will receive a notification containing your contact information.


Your sessions are not booked until your booking request is accepted. A Location Manager has 24-hours to respond to a request. You will be notified by email and push notification once your booking request is accepted. A full itinerary, an overview of your booking, direct contact info, as well as a receipt, will be provided to you. You can access your booking information by going to your Inbox or My Bookings on your profile/homepage.


After you choose your date and time and fill in the necessary details, you will be brought to the payment page where you can enter your payment information. After your booking is confirmed, you will be charged the full cost of the booking and any additional fees. MADSTUDIOS will hold onto your money until 8 hours after your booking commences. Note: All Payment processing services on MADSTUDIOS are provided by Stripe merchant servicing.

Security Deposits:

Location Managers may choose to add a security deposit to their listings to cover things like broken equipment, furniture, stains, etc. If your booking includes a security deposit, we will pre-authorize your payment method for the amount of the deposit 24 hours before your arrival date. Location managers have 24 hours after you leave to file a security deposit claim with MADSTUDIOS. We will mediate claims if necessary, or release the fund’s authorization if we hear from the Location Manager.