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Brendan Cassidy
Written by Brendan Cassidy

Listing Steps

The listing process is fast and simple.

Studio Type

Select the type of space your are listing by selecting one of the following:

Music, Art & Production, Dance, Venue

Studio Setting

Select the type of setting the space will be listed under. An Location Manager can select Commercial, Residential, Outdoor, or Other


All studio listings have to have a physical address. You’ll be asked to enter the City, State, and street address of your space. Privacy and security are important at MADSTUDIOS that is why we don’t share your address to anyone until they actually book your space.


You will be asked to enter in specifics about their listing such as the price per hour, maximum capacity, security deposit cost, minimum amount of hours a renter has to select in order to book your listing and more.

Title and Description

Give your listing an intriguing title that sums up your listing. Avoid using company names or obscure titles. Write a detailed description of your listing so renters know what to expect. You can always go back and edit a listings description after a listing is saved.


Photographs are the best way to advertise your space. Photos should convey to a prospective renter the true representation of your space. That’s why MADSTUDIOS lets you upload up to 24 photographs of your space. However, you must upload a minimum of 3 photos in order to active your listing.

Activate your studio

Now that you have completed all required fields you can activate your listing. You will still have the ability to continue Editing the listing by selecting “Manage My Listing” from this screen.

Share you Listing

Share your listing with your friends and social networks, don’t be shy, get the word out!